About Us

The Curacao Golf & Squash Club is a small club with approximately 400 members. The 18-holes par 70 course consists of 10 greens that are set in a brilliant oasis of tranquility, rare trees, brushes, birds (wild doves and parrots) and reptiles (iguanas). The Curacao Golf & Squash Club is a very active club where matches are organized almost daily. Because of its convenient location [in the Caribbean with lots of sun and easily reachable] many golfers have migrated to Curacao which has resulted in the fact that the level of the average golfer is high. The Club and the sport of golf in Curacao can be pleased with the growing interest of younger individuals and therefore special attention is being given to the development of the sport among the youth.

Our History

Around 1930 golf was introduced to Curacao by a group of English golf enthusiasts who were working for the Mining Company and who would regularly hit balls on a very primitively built 9-hole golf course on the Tafelberg at Santa Barbara. After some Shell employees had shown interest combined with the increasing awareness of large companies that sport and recreation is important for its employees, a piece of land next to the headquarters of the Shell was used for the construction of a golf course by golf architect Simpson. As part of the design, the existing native Manzalinja- and Tamarind trees, the fairytale Flamboyant tree as well as cacti and the very rare Copernica were spared.

In 1931 the Curacao Golf & Squash Club was born under the name Shell Golf Club. Originally the board consisted of the local management of Shell and the Golf Club was accessible only to employees of Shell, even though, secretly non-Shell employees interested in golf were admitted to the course.

The unique aspect of that course was the fact that, due to a shortage of water, brownies (sand mixed with oil and white spirit), were build instead of greens. In 1976 the first squash courts were opened on the property of the Golf Club. This emphasized the sport-loving character of the members of the Club.

In March 1985 Shell left Curacao and the current name was adopted. In 2003, the Curacao Golf & Squash Club underwent a true facelift when at the end of that year all the brownies were replaced with true greens. This allowed the Club to measure itself against other golf courses in the world.

Our Board (alphabetically)

Anthony Richardson
Squash Commissioner
Anton van der Heijden
Darryl Rosheuvel
Vice President
Ingrid Futselaar
Jean Paul Bouwense
Marro Pietersz
Marten O'Niel

Club Affairs

  • Clubhouse and General: Marten O'Niel
  • Golf: Darryl Rosheuvel
  • Squash: Anthony Richardson
  • Golf Course: Darryl Rosheuvel
  • Food & Beverage: Marro Pietersz (co*)
  • Commercial: Jean Paul Bouwense (co*)

The Operation

  • Willem de Haes, Head Golf Pro (PGA)
  • Sander Kock, Squash Pro
  • John Every, Course Superintendant
  • Eileen Carol, Administration
  • Oscar Salas, Food and Beverage

Match Committee

  • Willem de Haes (President)
  • Mieke Korevaar
  • Darryl Rosheuvel
  • Oscar Salas
  • Ingrid Futselaar
  • Richard Vis

Golf Rules Committee

  • Stoffel van den Heuvel
  • Courtney Guillen
  • Willem de Haes

Squash Committee

  • Sander Kock
  • Anthony Richardson  
  • IJede van der Kooij