Bar Hours

as of June 1st 2020


Dear members,
From June 1st, the opening hours have been slightly adjusted, because we are allowed by the government  to stay open longer and players like to stay longer having a drink afterwards.
However, we are still forced to do this on limited days, as we have to look over the next 3 months to what is feasible for the association and what is not.

Bar Hours 
Closed on Mondays
Tuesday:                                                              12  pm - 8 pm
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:                      12 pm  - 9 pm
Saturday:                                                             12 pm  - 8 pm
Sunday                                                                  8 am  - 1 pm

Unfortunately it is not feasible at this time to open the bar in the morning hours, hence vending machines have been installed.
We hope to have informed you accordingly.

Best regards,
on behalf of the board,
Jean Paul Bouwense