Golf Course maintenance - Rebuilding hole 3/12

Hole 3/12


The desired reconstruction of the green of our 3rd green is reaching a level that you can see the shapes of the new green to be. With the assistance of Studio Acht Caribbean Architects and under supervision of Christ Quast and Willem de Haes the shape of the new green is  creating  a 2 level green, which gives us extra possibilities for pin positions.

The basic construction is almost finished and our green keeping staff started with fixing the sprinklers for irrigation purposes. Drainage pipes are put in the bottom of the new green. On these pipes a layer of sub grade(fine gravel)is placed to shape the future slopes of the green,

Last details of the complete process is to plant the grass after which we can wait to see the grass grow tot the condition to play on. During the growing process the groundsmen will create the new bunkers around the green. The whole process will take, as we hope. approximately 2 more months so during the month of november we all can use the new green to get good scores again.

The Course Commission

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