Notifications about the Course

From the Course Committee

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Dear Members:

We would hereby like to inform you that as of Monday December 9, 2019,  the green and the front of the green of hole 9/18  will be closed.

Our greenkeepers will start with the removal of the dead Soyzia grass and then replant the green and front with Bermuda grass.
The whole process will take about three months.

In the meantime  you will  make use of a wintergreen that will be placed on the fairway in front of the row of trees in front of the road.
The scoring will go as follows:  Ball in outer ring +2 , ball in inner ring +1.Ball on the line of the outer ring +2. Ball on the line of the inner circle +1.

As a result of the new situation, the local rule that was created as a result of the temporary ditch will be revised.

On behalf of the Course Comittee,

Darryl Rosheuvel.