2018 UTS Company Members Competition - Rescheduling

Dear Members:

The matches of Round 16 which were originally scheduled for Friday, April 27, 2018 will be moved to June 15, 2018.  As a result of this, the final day of the competition will be held one week later than scheduled on June 15, 2018 instead of June 8, 2018.

The reason for this change is that April 27 is King's Day (Koningsdag) and on this day we play the traditional 36-holes King's Birthday Cup scheduled.

The change has already been made on the website on the "2018 Golf Match Schedule" page and on the "2018 Company Matches and Results" document on the "Company Members Competition" page.  Attached we are also sending you the Excel Sheet with the revised schedule.

We hope to have informed you accordingly.

Best regards. 

Your CG&SC Match Committee