Bogey Match ( Update)

Saturday November 30 2019

Jean Paul Bouwense and Sady van Borssum Waalkes winners in A- and B- flight  Bogey Match 

Saturday November 30, 2019 

from left to right:

Myra Vesseur, Martijn Welten, Said Flores, Kees Korevaar, Sady van Borssum Waalkes, Jean Paul Bouwense and André Small

Congratulations to all

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text


Date:Saturday November 30, 2019

Time: 13.00 hrs

Format: Strokeplay

Fee: ANG. 10.00


Grouping: Free-Upon reques

For those who have not played bogey

 bogey competition is scored plus (+) for a score better than net par, zero (0) for a score of net par and minus (-) for a score worse than net par. At the end of the round the player records how many up or down they are against par. For example three up (+3) to six down (-6).

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