Emmastad Cup 2020

New Point System

Dear Members:

Some of you are probably wondering why the Emmastad Cup Standings have not been published yet. Well, that's because together with some Board members we were busy figuring out how to further encourage participation in our official matches by making this year-round competition more appealing to everybody and exciting until the end. 

The result is a point reward system that first and foremost rewards participation with results becoming the icing on the cake. The difference in points especially on the top part of the results, is now a lot smaller than the previous system. Where the difference in points for the top ten positions used to be from 250-50 points, now the difference for the top ten is only 5 points.
Click here for the new Emmastad Cup Point System

As before, 
  • 100% of the points will be awarded for regular matches, ranked EC1,
  • 125% of the points will be awarded for monthly medals and major tournaments (Zingel Cup, Club Championships, Vlaggen Cup and Studio Acht Cup), ranked EC2
and in order to boost participation, 
  • 150% of the points will be awarded for charity tournaments (Clini Clowns, Red Cross, etc.), ranked EC3.
In addition, to make the competition interesting until the last day, we will increment the points to be rewarded during the final four EC events of the year as follows:
  • 125% to be rewarded in the fourth to last match (EC2);
  • 150% to be rewarded in the third to last match (EC3);
  • 175% to be rewarded in the second to last match (EC4);
  • 200% to be rewarded in the last match (EC5).
Contrary to prior years, there will be no playoffs and no resets.  So come the final day of the competition, many of you will have a chance to win the Emmastad Cup.
We are currently applying the new point system to the matches that have been played so far this year and as soon as the stats are up to date, we will inform you and also post them on the website.

Hoping to have informed you accordingly.
Your CG&SC Match Committee