Emmastad Cup 2021

Zingel Cup 2021

Zingel Cup 

Saturday January 16 2021

Winner in A- Flight: Edward Logeman with 65 Low Net

Winner in B- Flight: Anne- Marie Pietersz with 61 Low Net

Runner -Up in A flight : Martijn Nolles with 65 Net ​(less back nine)

Runner Up in B-flight: Harry Jansen with 66 Net.

Third place in A - flight: Simon Kloppenburg with 66 after an untie with Jai Daryani.

Third place in B- flight: Sady van Borssum Waalkes with 68 after an untie with Macael Henriquez and Ben Stark who also had 68

Nearies Ladies: Hole 6   Anne Marie Pietersz      

                           Hole 8     Renee  Starrenburg                         

                           Hole 15    Arlette Lieuw Kie Song                   

                           Hole 17.   Ploeme Taams                                 

Nearies MenHole 6 Bryan Elshot

                          ​Hole 8  Deryck Levens

                          Hole 15 Miles Maynard

                          Hole 17 Kees Korevaar

Leary on 

            Hole 3 Christiaan Janssen

           No Lady

Longest drive ladies 

Ann Marie Pietersz

Longest Drive Men 

Richard Vis

Closest to the Line 

Ernesto Ingenluyff

Thank you to Suus Siebesma -Zingel for the wine.

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Odoo • Text and Image

Odoo • Image and Text

Stableford , January 9th 

Winner in A- flight : Malik Levens with a score of 38 Stableford points after an untie with Martijn Welten  

Winner in B-flight : Joe Blanchard with a score of 42 Stableford points

In A- flight: Runner Up: Martijn Welten with also 38 Stablefordpoints

                    Third Place :Ploeme Taams with 37 Stablefordpoints after an untie 

                    Fourth Place: Ernesto Ingenluyff also with 37 stablefordpoints

In B- flight: Runner Up: Charlene Peiliker with 36 Stableford points

                    Third Place: Nancy Douglas with  35 points  after an untie      

                     Fourth Place to Jorge Vargas Torres with also  35 points 

 Neary on Hole 6: Malik Levens

Neary on Hole 8 : Said Flores

Neary on Hole 15: Ernesto Ingenluyff 

Neary on Hole 17: Renee Starrenburg

Notification: Temporary members play for the match prizes but not for the Emmastad Cup

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Overall standings will follow soon

Low Net January 2 nd

Winner in A- Flight Arlette Lieuw Kie Song with 67 Net

Winner in B-Flight Joe Blanchard also with 67 Net 

Runner Up In A - flight Ingrid van Thiel with 68 Net

Runner Up in B-Fligjht Courtney Guillen with 68

Third Place in A-Flight Jai Daryani with 69 Net

Third Place in B- flight Jan Taams and Kees Koevaar with 69

Fourth Place in A- Flight Ronald Struik with 71 Net

Nearys for Joe Blanchard, Jan Taams, Laurent Appels and Jerry Semper

Leary Ladies: Pauline Lips

Leary Men : Said Flores

Closest to the line: Richard Vis

Odoo • Text and Image