Emmastad Cup matches


Stableford Match

Winner in A -flight Ploeme Taams with a score of 37 points

Winner in B-flight Franklin Alberg with 45 Stableford points

Runner Up in A-flight Said Flores with 36 after an untie with 

Mieke Korevaar who scores 36 as well.

Fourth place to Ropb Vermeulen with 35

Runner Up in B -flight Renee starrenbuerg with 39 points , 

third place Arnold Huizing with 37 after an untie with Sady van 

Borssum Waalkes who also scored 37

Neary on Hole 6: Charlene Peiliker

Neary on Hole 8: Ingrid van Thiel

Neary on Hole 15: Wouter Mol

Neary on Hole  17: Edward Logeman

Monthly Medal September.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Winner in A-Fligt

Angelique Schoop Winner in the A-flight with a score of 68 net . A Gross score of 86

Runner Up Martijn Welten with a gross score of 79 and a net score of also 68

After the untie Angelique had a better back nine 

Third place to Hubert Mariana with a Grossscore of 87 thus having 73 Net.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Winner in B- Flight

Tina Vermeulen with a gross score of 92 and a net score of 67

Runner Up. Bryan Elschot with a score of 90 Gross and 68 Net.

Third place to Frank Douglas with 92 Gross and a net score of 69 after an untie with Juana Kibbelaar who also scored 69 Net and Inge van de Werf who also had a score of 69 net.

Well done all.

Neary on Hole 6 Franco Koko

Neary on Hole 8 Nancy Douglas

Neary on Hole 15 Miles Maynard

Neary on Hole 17 Hubert Mariana

No Leary for the Ladies

Leary Men Jorge Vargas Haydar

Closest to the line Franco Koko