Emmastad Cup Matches

The Final and the Overall Winners

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The Overall Winners

Final of the Emmastad Cup

Winner in A flight

Jerry Semper with a score of 67 net.

Runner Top Miles Maynard with 68 net

Third Place Ronalks Struik with a score of 70

Winner I B flight also with a score of 67 net Nancy Douglas

runner Up Jan Taams Edith 70 net

Third place Joe Blanchard with 72 after an untie with Frank Douglas.

Neary on Hole 6 : Ray Mol

Neary on Hole 8: Nobody

Hole no 15: Courtney Guillem

Hole on no 17 :Jerry Semper

After all the calculations were done

Mieke , Nancy and Sady were the top three of the Emmastad Cup 2020

Well done Ladies.

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3rd Emmastad Cup Playoff Low Net

Thiago Da Silva and Rob de Paus both with 66 Net.

In A flight Runner Up with a score of 68 Willem de Bruyn

Third place after some untying Ronald Struik with 70

Fourth Place Jai Daryanai also 70

In B flight Runner Up Tina Vermeulen also with 66 net.

Third place because of a better back nine Charlene Peiliker

Fourth place Franklin alberg

Leary went to Wouter MOl

Closest to the Line Hubert Mariana

Neary on Hole 6 Franco Koko

Neary on Hole 8 Jai Daryani

Neary on Hole 15 Hubert Mariana

Neary on Hole 17 Jan Taams

Next week the final of the Emmastad  

Top players will be grouped according to Standing

Winners of the 2nd Emmastad Cup 

 Playoff Low Net

Jan Taams en Ronald Struik 

Both with a score of 67 Net.

Winner in A Flight Ronald Struik

Runner Up in A flight Shirley Kluyver with 69

Third place Ernesto Ingenluyff with 70

Fourth Place Thiago Da Silva with 71

Winner in B flight Jan Taams 

Runner uo with a score of 71 Bryan Elshot Third Place with 72 Net Sady Van Borssum

Fourth Place Arnold Huizing with a score of 73

Nearies to Willem de Bruyn, Jan Taams, Kenzo Koenders and Said Flores

For standings go tot the Homepage and click on the Emmastad Logo

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Winner of the first Emmastad Cup Points of the 1st Play Off : 

Kenzo Koenders with 40 winning 297.50 points

Results of the Stableford match

In A-Flight :Gianni Schob with  a score of 37 points

Seven players had to be untied for the second , third etc place with 36 points 

Runner up: Arlette Lieuw Kie Song 

Third: Christiaan jJanssen 

Fourth : Wouter Sjoerdsma

Fifth: Simon Kloppenburg 

In B flight : Kenzo Koenders with 40 points 

Three players with 38 points. after the untie 

Second place for Alex den Ouden

Third: Eric Maas

Fourth: Bryan Elshot

Fifth : Juana Kibbelaar after an untie with Jan Driesprong 

Nearies :

Hole 6 Marten O'Niel

Hole 8 Miles Maynard

Hole 15: Franco Koko

Hole 17: willem de Bruyn

Mieke Korevaar-van Heeswijk

Overall Winner of the 2020 

Pais Korsou /10-10 Cup

Mieke won by entering a scorecard of 43 Stableford points

Ronald Struik became Runner Up with 40 Stableford points

Neary on Hole 6: Said Flores

Neary on Hole was 15: Ronald Struik

Neary on Hole 17: Joe Blanchard

Players do not forget to put your score in the golfapp

and remember it is Competition

For Emmastad Cup Standings Go to the Homepage

OverallMieke KorevaarB1943
2Sady van Borssum W.B2939
3Laurent AppelsB2238
4Nancy DouglasB2337
1Ronald StruikA1740
2Wouter MolA1839
3Jorge Vargas HaydarA1839
4Wouter SjoerdsmaA937
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Monthly Medal October

Winner in A flight Willem de Bruyn(hdcp 17) with a gross score of 84 and a net score of 67.  

Runner Up Martijn Welten(hdcp 11) with 78 gross and a net score of  also 67.

Third place in A flight: Thiago Da Silva (hdcp 18) with a gross score of 86 and a net score of 68. 

Fourth: Jeroen Starreveld (hdcp 159 Grossscore of 84 and net score of 69.

Fifth in A flight Jai Daryani (hdcp 12) gross score of 82 and a net score of 70. 

Winner B- flight  Wouter Mol (hdcp 19) with a gross score of 84 and a net score of 65.

Runner Up Arnold Huizing(hdcp 21) a gross score of 89 and a net score of 68.

Third place to Courtney Guillen (hdcp 19) Gross score of 88 and a net score of 69.

Fourth went to Charlene Peiliker (hdcp 20) with 90 Gross and a net score of 70.

Fifth place to Frnco Koko (hdcp 21) a gross score of 92 and a net score of 71. 

After an untie with Jorge Vargas Haydar and Cathelijne Starreveld

​Leary on Hole 3: Willem de Bruijn

Closest to the line; Ploeme Taams

Nearies  on hole 6,8,15, 17: Ploeme Taams, Thiago Da Silva,Jean Paul Bouwense,Said Flores

For Emmastad Cup Standing go to Home Pago​                                                                  

Odoo • Text and Image                                              Two Men Best Ball

Father and Son Koenders , Paul and Kenzo, winner of the Two Men Best Ball September with 51 Stableford points

Runner Up Ronald Struik and Franklin Alberg with 50 points

Third Place Simon Kloppenburg and Richard Vis after un untie with 

Fourth Place couple Arlette Lieuw Kie Song and Erik Maas. Both teams had 47 Stableford points

Hubert had the neary on Hole 6

Sady on Hole 8

Jean Paul on Hole 15

Renee on Hole 17

Congratulations to all.

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                                   Stableford Match

Winner in A -flight Ploeme Taams with a score of 37 points

Winner in B-flight Franklin Alberg with 45 Stableford points

Runner Up in A-flight Said Flores with 36 after an untie with 

Mieke Korevaar who scores 36 as well.

Fourth place to Ropb Vermeulen with 35

Runner Up in B -flight Renee starrenbuerg with 39 points , 

third place Arnold Huizing with 37 after an untie with Sady van 

Borssum Waalkes who also scored 37

Neary on Hole 6: Charlene Peiliker

Neary on Hole 8: Ingrid van Thiel

Neary on Hole 15: Wouter Mol

Neary on Hole  17: Edward Logeman

Monthly Medal September.

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Winner in A-Fligt

Angelique Schoop Winner in the A-flight with a score of 68 net . A Gross score of 86

Runner Up Martijn Welten with a gross score of 79 and a net score of also 68

After the untie Angelique had a better back nine 

Third place to Hubert Mariana with a Grossscore of 87 thus having 73 Net.

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Winner in B- Flight

Tina Vermeulen with a gross score of 92 and a net score of 67

Runner Up. Bryan Elschot with a score of 90 Gross and 68 Net.

Third place to Frank Douglas with 92 Gross and a net score of 69 after an untie with Juana Kibbelaar who also scored 69 Net and Inge van de Werf who also had a score of 69 net.

Well done all.

Neary on Hole 6 Franco Koko

Neary on Hole 8 Nancy Douglas

Neary on Hole 15 Miles Maynard

Neary on Hole 17 Hubert Mariana

No Leary for the Ladies

Leary Men Jorge Vargas Haydar

Closest to the line Franco Koko