Gouden Ringen Cup

Myra And Eric Vesseur Winners of the 2020 Gouden Ringen Cup

Myra and Eric Vesseur winners of the 2020 Gouden Ringen Cup

With a net score of 68.

It was their fourth win in the Gouden Ringen Cups over the years.


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Odoo • Image and Text

All the winners

from Left to right:

Ken and Gerardine Berend with their Heart encouragement price

Stella v.d. Roest and Andre Small winners of the By side Cup

Miles Maynard and Sady van Borssum Waalkes winners of It's a Family Affair

Casper and Miriam Rademaker Runner UP in the Gouden Ringen Cup

Myra and Eri Vesseur The winners of the 2020 Gouden Ringen Cup

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It is this time of the year again.

Couples get ready. Your names on one of the Club's prominent Board is at stake. 

By side Match. This year you can find your By- Side and/or play the Side Match with one of your family members. 

Format : Alternate shots 

Registration is open.

Fee 25.00