Governors Cup 2019 News

In the weekend of October 19 and 20 2019  the Governor's Cup will  take place. 
On Saturday October 19  the first matches will be played at Emmastad and therefore the course will be closed as of 12.00 hrs.
The members who were chosen to participate in the Cup have received an invitation.
We hope that you will all come to cheer them on.
On Sunday the matches will continue at Blue Bay.

May the best Team win!

The following members have been invited to play:
1.   Said Flores
2.   Chris Quast
3.   Richard Vis
4.   Wouter Sjoerdsma
6.   Hubert Mariana
7.   Ernesto Ingenluyff
8.   Rob Vermeulen
9.   Willem de Bruijn
10. Ploeme Taams
11. Shirley Kluyver
12. Arlette Lieuw Kie Song
13. Simon Kloppenburg
14. Mieke Korevaar
15. Serge Dauvillier
16. Jorge Vargas Hayder
17. Jasper Muns
18. Cathelijne Starreveld
19. Charlene Peiliker
20. Andre Small
21. Inez Muys
22. Kees Korevaar
23. Denis Muys
24. Renee Starrenburg
25. Nancy Douglas
26. Stella v.d. Roest
27. Sady van Borssum Waalkes
28. Ingrid Futselaar
29. Danielle van Joolingen
30. Our Pro Willem de Haes

Captain Darryl Rosheuvel

Your MC


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