Introduction New Handicap System

Dear Members:
Thanks to our good friends at DHL Express, as of last week we have switched to a new handicap software by  We selected this software so that all members can access it through the internet to manage their own handicaps by entering their own scores and viewing their handicap and those of their fellow members, and soon you will also be able to enter scores from other courses. 
The software can be accessed through

In order to sign in, you will need a GSID and a Password.  To obtain this information, please contact our Club Secretary, Belinda at or 737-3590 (M-F between 8:00 and 14:00 hours) or our Golf  Pro Willem at or 514-2090 (F-S). 
Starting this coming Monday, May 21, 2018 all members will have to enter their own score cards into the system with the exception of the score cards of official matches organized by the Match Committe which will be entered by the MC.  Please, DO NOT enter these official match cards by yourself as you will get double entries. Also, eventhough you will be entering your own scores, you will still have to turn in your score cards for auditing pruposes.
Entering score cards is a relatively simple and friendly procedure.  Not much that can go wrong, however, in case you entered something wrong, you have the option to correct your mistake by deleting the scorecard within 3 days.  After that, we as administrators can always do it for you. Important:  Make sure you enter your correct teebox.
For many of you the playing handicap produced by the new system will be different from the old system.  For some more than others.  The reason for this is that the old system was not using the correct USGA conversion tables.  The tables it uses are either wrong or outdated.  For Men playing from Blue, the handicaps remained mostly the same.  Ladies playing handicaps are now a couple of strokes lower (average -3) while the handicaps of Seniors are now several strokes higher (+3).  If you want to check the accuracy, go to and enter your index and your corresponding slope rating as mentioned before.  The slope rating of our course are: Blue - Men 139, White - Ladies 132 and White - Seniors 129.  
With respect to the Handicap List that is produced by the new software, this is a little bit different from the old list.  This list will display for each member a playing handicap for the Blue tee box and one for the White tee box.  This does not mean that everybody can play from both tee boxes. Men playing from Blue use the handicap displayed in the Blue column and Ladies and Seniors playing from the White tee box, use the handicap in the White column. 
With respect to the number of cards since October 1, 2017, we have not yet been able to retrieve that from the system, however, if there are any doubts, just get in touch with a member of the MC if you need to know if a player has his/her 5 cards. 
We sincerely hope you will enjoy the new system.  With every new system, there will always be a scala of questions which is normal and in case you do have any, please do not hesitate to drop us an email or approach any one of us at the club as we will gladly be of assistance.
Your CG&SC Match Committee.