Matchresults Monthly Medal June 6 th 2020

Monthly Medal  June Low Net 

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Winner In A flight :

Eric Vesseur with 65 net

Runner UP in A flight: Richard Vis with 68 net

Winner in B flight

André Small with 69 net

Runner Up : Kenzo Koenders with 70 net(not in the picture)

Closest to the line: Nancy Douglas

Leary on Hole 12 Men: Ernesto Ingenluyff

Leary on Hole 12 Ladies: Cathelijne Starreveld

Nearies: sponsored by My Wine Online

Hole 6 : Frank Douglas

Hole 8 :Rob Vermeulen

Hole 15 :Richard Vis

Hole 17 : Marten O' Neil

Odoo • Image and Text

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