MMO Stableford Championship

Match 9 Update

From left to right Said Flores winner of a neary voucher

Jordi Kloppenburg winner of match 9 with 30 points and winner of a near voucher

Tiago Day Silva third place with 22 points

Arlette Lieuw Kie Song fourth place with 22 points

Not in the picture Ray Mol.  Second place with 23 points

In two weeks we will know whop is the winner of the MMO Stableford Championship

Congratulations to all

Thanks to our sponsor MMO Carribbean

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Match 9

Front nine + 17

Date : Friday November 8 2019

Time: 16.00 hrs.

Format: Stableford

Price: Ang. 10.00

Grouping : Free upon request

Register here

Odoo • Text and Image