MMO Stableford Championship

Match 8

Winner Arjen Pool with 23 points

Runner Up Paul Koenders with also 23 points

Third place Simon Kloppenburg with 22 points

4the place Jorge Vargas Haydar with 21 points

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Match 7 Front nine

Winner :

Joe Blanchard with 23 stableford points after an untie with Ray Mol who became second and Tjacko Cruijs third place, both also with 23 stableford points

Fourth place to Ronald Struik with 22 points

Neary on Hole 6: Tina Vermeulen

Neary on Hole 17: Mieke Korevaar

Overall standing on the home page to follow soon.

Match 6 Back nine

Ron Hunte Winner with 23 Stableford points

Runner up Franklin Alberg with 20 after an untie with Martijn Nolles, Renee Starrenburg,Arnold Huizing and Wouter Mol 

Neary on hole 15 Mieke Korevaar

Neary on Hole 17 Wouter MolOverall Standings

1. Franklin Alberg 

2. Arjen Pool

3. Tina Vermeulen

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Odoo • Image and Text

Match 5

Winner Franklin Alberg with 22 Stableford points

Runner Up Jasper Mens also with 22

Third Place Inge v.d. were with 21

Neary on hole 6 Mieke Korevaar

Neary on Hole !7(8) Martijn Nolles

Winner match 4

Arjen Pool with 27 stableford points

From left to right

Juana Kibbelaar with 20 Stableford points

Tina Vermuelen with 21 stableford poiunts

Arjen Pool

Ben Stark with 20 Stableford points 

Martijn Nolles winner of a neary

Overall standing and results match 4 will come soon

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Match 3 

Winner Tina Vermeulen with 21 Stableford points

Results and standings after match 3 on the home page

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Match 3  

MMO Stableford Championship

MMO Match 2

Winner Franklin Alberg

From left to rijt: Said Flores, Arjen Pool, Franklin Alberg and Laurent

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Odoo • Image and Text

Match 1 MMO Stableford Championship

Winner Joe Blanchard

from left to right:

Sady van Borssum Waalkes, Jasper Muns (sponsor MMO), Joe Blanchard, Tjacko Cruijs, Darryl Rosheuvel