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Emmastad Cup Top 10

Winners of the A and B flight and the Junior Category

Winner in A flight:

Ploeme Taams with 66 net

Runner up: Renee Starrenburg with 70 (not in the picture)

Third place: Miles Maynard with 71 after an untie with Wouter Mol (4th place) and Mieke Korevaar(5th place) (not in the picture)

Winner In B flight :

Erik Maas with 63 net

Runner up:  Myra Vesseur with 66 net

Third place: Marro Pietersz with 67 and fourth place: Alex den Ouden with 68 net.

Winner Junior Category: 

Camilo Quast with 60 net

Nearies :

Hole 6: Wouter Mol

Hole 8:  Marten O'Niel

Hole 15: Jan Taams

Hole 17: Marten O'Niel

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Emmastad Cup top 10

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​Emmastad Cup

Top 10

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