UTS Teamplay Competition ( Update)

Match 9 Scramble

Odoo • Image and TextWinner of the Scramble UTS Teamplay Team 
Angry Birdies with 21 points ( Jean Paul Bouwense and Said Flores)​
Second MC Rules with 18 points (Richard Vis en Inez Muys)
Third place Game of Thrones(Ernesto Ingenluyff ​and Jorge Vargas Hayder

Standings after 9 matches:
1. Angry Birdies with​ 157 points
2. Game of thrones with 156 points
3. Hisé​ Bué with 124 points
4. Eagles with 112 points
5. MC Rules and Incredible golf Ladies with 109 points​.

Remember to make an appointment with your opponent of match 13. It needs to be played before december 20, 2019​

Match number 9


Both partners drive and then select the best shot .Every one then hits the next shot from this point. Repeat procedure with each shot until you hole out.

Teamhandicap 25% of cumulative handicap.


Odoo • Image and Text

Odoo • Image and Text

Standings after 8 matches.