Zingel Cup 2020

Winners Jerry Semper and Rutger Bakker

Zingel Cup 2020

First Major EC

From left to right: 

Said Flores, third place A flight, Nancy Douglas, runner up B flight,              

Riwii Tedder, third place in B flight, Rob Vermeulen, runner up in A flight, 

Rutger Bakker, winner in B flight, Thiago Da Silva, winner Junior category, 

Jerry Semper, winner in A flight.

Winners of the extra prizes:

Ingrid van Thiel, Renee Starrenburg, Miles Maynard, Rob Vermeulen, 

Simon Kloppenburg, Angelique Schoop, Andre Small, Marten O'Niel.

Thanks to Darryl Rosheuvel and Suus Siebesma for sponsoring a delicious bottle of wine. 

The MC

For scores and EC points look below.

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