Monthly Medals October

Taylor Hines wins A-Flight ,Stoffel v.d. Heuvel B-Flight

With a score of 64 net Taylor took away this month's monthly medal.

Runner -Up in A flight: Franco Koko with a score of 64 too. The difference

between them was a score of 39 on the back nine for Taylor. Franco had 40.

Number three In this monthly medal : Ad Kolen with a net score of 68.

Winner in the B-flight with a score of 62 net, Stoffel v.d. Heuvel.

Runner-Up: Peter Bless with 64 net and third and fourth place went to

Arlette Lieuw Kie Song with a score of 67 and Coen Hilgersom with a score of 68. 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Neary on hole 6: Chris Quast

Neary on hole 8: Ad Kolen

Neary on 15: Darryl Rosheuvel

Neary on 17: Tina Vermeulen

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The Proud winners:


Taylor Hines with a net score of 64 

and in B-Flight:

 Stoffel v.d. Heuvel with a net score of 62

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Leary on hole 4: Taylor Hines

Closest to the line on hole 2: Jan Taams

Results Monthly Medal October 

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Cap Cup standing After Play Off 1 

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