News Week 5 Friday Match 3 UTS Company Members Competition

Saturday Monthly Medal Cap Cup  starts at 13.30

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UTS Company Members Competition

Some Reminders!!

Write down the result of your match on the Results sheet at the UTS Company Competition Bulletin Board before 19.30 on Friday evening.

In case of a dispute about the rules play two balls and after the match the MC will rule. This also should  be done before 19.30 on Friday

Evening. Any other dispute should be adressed to the MC also before this specific time slot.

Monthly Medal

Some remarks from your Match Committee.

Remember: Saturday Matches are official Tournament Matches and therefore certain rules apply. 

The Monthly Medal is a Low Net Match and therefore you should hole out. (Even if you have a side match)

Procedure of the card: Write your name on a card and have one of your flight members mark your score. At the beginning of the match you give your card to one of your fellow flight members who will mark your score and his own .Your card needs to be handed in to the Match Committee once you have checked your card and signed your card.Pls copy your score before you hand it in (make a Photo or write it down) and enter your score in your golfhandicap app.The Match committee  has started in January to check the entries in the golfhandicap app. When the score of the Saturday Match has not been entered or is incorrect by Tuesday,  the MC will proceed to enter the score or change the data. All Saturday scorecards need to be handed in and entered in the golfhandicap app except for the Two Men Best Ball format.Beware to change the date in your app to that of the day of the match. Let sportsmanship prevail. And play according to the New Rules 2019 !                                                                                                                                                                        The MC  of the Curacao Golf