Results and Standings UTS CMC 2019

MCB still in the lead. Onderlinge Hulp one point behind! Update

One more week to go.

MCB one point ahead of Onderlinge Hulp.

MCB will face Guardian and Onderlinge Hulp will play against DHL.

Friday May 17 2019 we will know who won the 2019 UTS Company Members Competition.

The fight for place three is also still not decided. 

Candy Box faces Trupiaal Inn , Autolease has to play against Baker and Tilly and Spigt Caribbean

has to play Dammers. In case of a tie the * will apply.

Come next week and join us to congratulate the winner of the 

2019 UTS Company Members Competition.

After the match UTS will host a chipping contest for all the participants of the UTS Company Members Competition  to win a phone and there will also  be a raffle  for a phone.Come and join us Friday May 17 2019

* At the end of the competition, after the completion of all the scheduled matches, the team that has earned the most points will be declared the 2019 Champion.  In case there is a tie for first, second or third place at the end of the competition, a sudden death playoff(s) will be held to break the tie(s).

 Teams are allowed to use any two players on their player’s list to compete in the sudden death play-off.



Results and Standings after 16 matches

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