Update President's Cup******

Final : Jean Paul Bouwense - Ernesto Ingenluyff

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Update Saturday November 10th the President's Cup******

Update ******

Final: Jean Paul Bouwense against Ernesto Ingenluyff.

Good luck to both.

Jean Paul Bouwense proceeds to The Final.(Withdrawel by Said Flores)

Ernesto Ingenluyff wins match against Hubert Mariana

.More to follow. 

Update *****

Jean Paul Bouwense played his second round against Franco Koko and won win 5 up 4 to go  and will face Said Flores in the Semi Finals on Saturday morning.

Ernesto Ingenluyff played against Marten O'Neill and it took till the 19th hole to get a winner.

Ernesto proceeds to the semi finals and will play against Hubert Mariana in the morning.

Good luck to all finalists for the upcoming matches. May the best players proceed to the final. 

Update ***

Hubert Mariana played his second round against Franklin Alberg and won with 5 to 4. Hubert will play against the winner of the match between Marten O'Neill and Ernesto Ingenluyff.

The last match in the second round is Jean Paul Bouwense against Franco Koko.

This Saturday in the morning at 8.00 the semi-finals and in the afternoon the Final. 

There will be a side Stablefordmatch for other members.

Update **

Franco Koko played against Richard Vis on Sunday October 28th  and won. Franco  proceeds to the next round.

Said Flores and Dan Taylor played their second round on Tuesday in the afternoon and even though Dan Taylor played a round of 38 , Said  goes to the semi final after playing 6 under the course in the second  part of the match.


Update *

Ingrid van Thiel played against Hubert Mariana. On an almost empty course they fought hard but Ingrid lost in the end with 3 to 2 .

Hubert advances to the next round and will encounter in that round Franklin Alberg.

A second match was played in the afternoon: Jean Paul Bouwense against Wouter Mol. On  Hole 11 the match was over. Jean Paul Bouwense  will go to the next round . His opponent is not known yet. 

Second round still to be played :

Marten O'Neil against Ernesto Ingenluyff

Franklin Alberg against Hubert Mariana

Jean Paul Bouwense will play against Franco Koko

October 31st 2018 President"s Cup 2018

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