From the Board and the Matchcommittee

Dear Members:

In consultation with the Board we have revised the participation criteria for Junior members in official club matches/tournaments.  Junior members ages 9-17 are now allowed to play in official club matches/tournaments under the following conditions:

1.   Those with an established USGA course handicap of 24 or lower
      are allowed to participate in official club matches/tournaments and therefore;

  • play for all the official match/tournament prizes including Emmastad Cup Points;
  • play for so-called extras such as nearies, longest drives, etc.;
  • pay the same participation fee as adults.

2.   Those with and established USGA course handicap of 25 or higher
      are allowed to play during official club matches/tournaments, however:
  • do not NOT play for the official match/tournament prizes nor Emmastad Cup Points;
  • do play for so-called extras such as nearies, longest drives, etc;
  • play for a separately created “Junior Category Prize"
  • pay a participation fee of Naf. 5,=;

-It is the responsibility of the parents of the Juniors mentioned in 2. and not the Match Committee to make sure their children can be grouped in a flight that includes at least two (2) adults. 
-In case of a full field, priority will be given to players who participate for the official match/tournament prizes.
-Juniors mentioned in 1. can not play for the “Junior Category Prize".
-Male Juniors 10 years and younger play from the White tees;  Male Juniors 11 years and older play from the Blue Tees; All Female Juniors play from the White Tees.

Hoping to have informed you accordingly,

Your CG&SC Match Committee

For more information, please contact us by sending us an email at