Thiago Da Silva Winner of the 2020 President's Cup

First Junior to win this Cup

Thiago da Silva 

Winner of the President's Cup 2020

This year the Junior players with an established handicap of 24 were allowed to enter the Championship Match Play.

Three Juniors entered the tournament: Sofia Nolles,Ray Mol and Thiago da SIlva

Ray and Sofia lost in their first match but have shown that they can put up a goodfight.Ray lost on the last hole against Christiaan Janssen.

In the first round Thiago played against Sofia Nolles and he had to work hard to win.

Sofia lost shortly before the last hole. 

Then he had to play against some tough senior players .

In the second round he played against jared Vivas and 

in the quarter finals he had to go up against a very good match player Frank 


This saturday morning he had a tough match as well against Tina Vermeulen.

And with caddy Ernesto,Thiago managed to go to the finals where he 

had to play against Martijn, another player of the Nolles family.

Congratulations to Thiago with this victory.

Well done .

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