Tuesday Ladies Afternoon

Monthly Medal August 2018

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Winners of the Monthly Medal Arianne Promes and Christa Weijer with runner-up Myra Vesseur

First of all we want to welcome Nancy Douglas, who became a member of the Ladies Afternoon this week. We hope to see you a lot!

On August 7th 2018 we played the August Monthly Medal. The picture above shows you the winners Arianne and Christa with 73 net. Myra became second with a score of  74 net .

The two nearies on holes six and seventeen were won by Charlene and Myra.

The Monthly Medal scores of all players will be added to determine the Tuesday Lady Golfer of the Year at the end of 2018.

Don't forget to put your scores of all matches in your app in order to keep your handicap up to date.

Next Tuesday we will start the Ringer Match. From that day on you can fill in your scores on the list in the ladies dressing room.

Hope to see you all next week!