Tuesday Ladies Afternoon

Stableford and more about the Ringer Match

Last Tuesday we played a Stableford match. The picture above includes the winner Christa Weijer with 38 points. Runner-up was Myra Vesseur with 34 points. Arlette Lieuw Kie Song, also in the picture, received a prize for her score of 17 points over nine holes. Arlette, who is a member now for some time is, due to her busy job, only able to play nine holes. 

We have already mentioned in one of our blogs that we will set up a Ringer Match again this year.  For those of you who have never joined this match, a short explanation follows.  On Tuesday, August 7 there will be a list in the ladies dressing room on which all members of the Ladies Afternoon can see their name and check their handicap. Your handicap from Monday, August 6 will be used. Behind your name there is room to fill in your scores per hole. Every time you play, either on Tuesday or Saturday (official MC match) you can change the score/scores you have improved. Be sure you have a score on every hole. In the end we have an 18 holes gross score and, by deducting your starting handicap of August 6, winners in A and B flights will be determined.  The Ringer Match will be played from Tuesday, August 14 until Tuesday, November 13.

Answers to the Rules of Golf Quiz and a new rule examination by Ploeme will be published soon. 

So stay tuned and hope to see you all for next Tuesday's Monthly Medal.