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Winner of the Eclectic Match Myra Vesseur with runner-up Inge van der Werf.

On Tuesday February 11, 2020 the Ladies Afternoon members played an eclectic format.

Myra Vesseur became first with a score of 28.5 net, while Inge van der Werf took home the vouchers for the second place with 29 net. Congratulations, ladies!

Sady van Borssum shot a birdie on hole 15 and received a logo ball for completing her total of three birdies.  Juana Kibbelaar also shot a birdie on hole 15. Well done!

Again a great turnout with 12 ladies playing 18 holes and seven playing 9 holes.

On Wednesday Nancy Douglas, Renee Starrenburg and Arlette Lieuw Kie Song travelled to Trinidad and Tobago, to play the yearly tournament. We already received a message from the ladies, that Nancy was the best foreign player on day one. Pabien Nancy. We are proud of you. Have fun, ladies..

Hope to see you all next Tuesday.