Monthly Medal July 2020

Odoo • Image and Text

Ploeme Taams,  Monthly Medal winner, with runner-up Shirley Kluyver. 

Last Tuesday the Ladies Afternoon held its Monthly Medal  of July 2020. With a score of 69 net Ploeme Taams won the match, while Shirley Kluyver came in second with 71 net.

Myra Vesseur was closest to the pin on hole 17.

Birdies were made by Stella van der Roest on hole 6, Renee Starrenburg on hole 8 and Ploeme Taams also on hole 8.

After the match, second time in a row Club Champion Ploeme Taams shared her victory with us, by offering us all prosecco. Thank you Ploeme and congratulations on the win!