Monthly Medal, September 1, 2020

Winners of the Monthly Medal Juana Kibbelaar

with first place, and Renee Starrenburg with


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On September 1, 2020, the Ladies Afternoon held its Monthly Medal match. It was, again, a sweltering day, but 12 ladies participated in the 18 hole match, and four ladies played nine holes. Juana Kibbelaar won first place with an impressive 67 net, and Renee Starrenburg came in second place with 70 net. Well done, Ladies!

It was a birdie day! Angelique Schoop had a birdie on hole 18, Renee Starrenburg on hole six, Arianne Promes on hole 17, and Nancy Douglas on hole 17. The neary on holes 8/17 was had by Arianne Promes, which warranted a golf ball prize. Well done!