September 15, 2020, Low Net

Odoo • Text and Image

Winners of the Low Net Match. 

Ploeme Taams with 68 net came

in first. Charlene Peiliker was 

second with 69 net.  Shirley

Kluijver and Angelique Schoop

tied for third with 70 net.

On September 15, 2020, the Ladies Afternoon held a Low Net Match. Before the match began, Shirley announced that the Ringer Match begins today, and the sheet is in the locker room. Every player can add their gross scores, adding their new best gross scores for the duration of the match. 

There were eleven ladies participating in the 18 hole match, and three ladies for nine holes. Ploeme Taams was first with a net score of 68, Charlene Peiliker second with 69 net, and Shirley Kluijver and Angelique Schoop tying for third place with a net score of 70. Angelique also had a birdie on hole 11, and she received a ball for three birdies. Renee Starrenburg had a birdie on hole eight.  Well done, Ladies!