October 13, 2020, Eclectic Match

Odoo • Image and Text

Winners of the Eclectic Match

Sady van Borssum and

Stella van der Roest

​On October 13, 2020, the Ladies Afternoon held an Eclectic Match, the best nine scores out of 18.  Arianne Promes was kind enough again to fill in for the committee members for the afternoon. Thank you, Arianne! 
Due to the extreme heat, 35 degrees, six ladies participated in the 18 hole match, with three ladies playing nine holes in the Stableford Match. The first place winner in the Eclectic Match was Sady van Borssum with 28, and Stella van der Roest came in second place with 30. From the nine holes competition Ria Lendering won with 17 stableford points. Well done, Ladies! 

After the round, Ploeme Taams treated the members to wine as a belated celebration of her birthday. Congratulations again, Ploeme, and thank you!