October 27, 2020, Match Play

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 Winners of the Match Play Competition, Renee, Tina, Charlene, Shirley and Arianne. And Ria Lendering and Ria Lacle, tied winners of the nine hole Stableford Competition.

On October 27, 2020, Shirley suggested the ladies play match play because a few of the ladies will be playing in the Governor’s Cup, which was welcomed by everyone. Renee, with handicap 17, beat Ingrid, with a handicap of 18. Tina, with a handicap of 25, beat Juana, who also has a 25 handicap. Shirley, with a handicap of 15, beat Ploeme, who has a handicap of 16. Charlene, with a handicap of 21, beat Nancy, with a handicap of 23. Arianne, with a handicap of 22, beat Sady, handicap 28, and Sandra, handicap 36. The nine holers who participated were Tineke, Loes, and Marjorie, along with the winners who shared first place with 17 Stableford points, Ria Lendering and Ria Lacle. 

During the round, Thea, Crista and two guests, Addy and Hanneke, played a round of bridge. It was a fun afternoon for all!