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Winners of the Stableford Match: Inge van der Werf, Ria Lendering, Sady van Borssum and Myra Vesseur.

On February 9, 2021, the Ladies Afternoon played a Stableford Match. Eighteen ladies played 18 holes and six ladies participated in the nine holes Match. Four ladies played Bridge.

We had excellent scores! With 46 Stableford points Myra Vesseur came in first. Inge van der Werf shot 41 Stableford points to come in second. Third place went to Sady van Borssum with 39 points. Ria Lendering won the nine holes match with 17 points. 

A lot of Birdies were made this afternoon: Myra Vesseur on hole 6 and 17, Ingrid van Thiel on hole 2 and 16, Nancy Douglas on hole 15 and Tina Vermeulen also on hole 15. The first three ladies received a logo ball for completing their total of three birdies .

Congratulations, ladies! Great game!