Stableford Match

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Winner of the 18-holes Stableford Match Inge van der Werf together with nine holes winner Christa Weijer.

Yesterday,March 9, 2021, the Ladies afternoon held a Stableford Match. With a fabulous score of 47 Stableford points Inge van der Werf became first. Renee Starrenburg received second prize with 38 Stableford points.  Christa Weijer was the winner in the nine holes match with 17 Stabelford points. Congratulations, ladies!

Ploeme Taams (37 points) and Sady van Borssum (36 points) did not get a prize, but their scores are worth mentioning.

Thanks to Charlene Peiliker, for baking the sweeties, although she didn't play. A special thanks to Angelique Schoop, who baked for us the last couple of weeks. 

Don't forget to register for Old Quarry before Tuesday, March 16. 

Hope to see you all next Tuesday.