Tuesday Ladies Afternoon

Clubweek 2018: 10 holes Texas Scramble

Winners of the 10 holes Texas Scramble

Stella van der Roest, Cathelijne Starreveld, Shirley Kluyver and Ria Laclé


On Tuesday September 18, 2018,  the Ladies Afternoon teed off for the first match of the  2018 Clubweek. A 10 holes Texas Scramble has been played by 17 ladies. The picture shows the winning team with a net score of 24. Well done ladies! Arianne Promes, Arlette Lieuw-Kie-Song and Tineke Dennert became second with 25 net.

After the match a couple of ladies who didn't play, including our special members Tootje van der Giessen and Kathy Nijdam, joined us for drinks and snacks. Angelique Schoop did put more drinks on the table to celebrate her birthday in August. Masha Pabien Angelique from all of us.