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Winner of the Hidden Holes match Tina Vermeulen with runners-up Charlene Peiliker and Ploeme Taams

This last Tuesday the Ladies Afternoon played a Hidden Holes match, which is extracting three holes from your total net score. The match is called Hidden Holes because none of the players know upfront which holes can be extracted after the match. With a net score of 56 net Tina Vermeulen won this match, followed by Charlene Peiliker and Ploeme Taams, who both had a score of 58 net. Congratulations, Ladies!

Furthermore, a total of seven birdies were made this afternoon: Tina Vermeulen 2x, Ploeme Vermeulen 2x, Charlene Peiliker 1x, Jos Dragt 1x and Flavia van der Meij, who was away for such a long time to visit India, 1x. Wow, girls, well done! And a warm welcome back to Flavia.

In our blog of last week we already mentioned the results of the Monthly Medal of January. However,  we lacked the picture to go with it. Therefore, you will find it here.

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Charlene Peiliker wins first Monthly Medal match of 2019 with 73 net. Stella van der Roest became second with 74 net, and Arianne Promes third with 75 net.