Non handicappers

How to obtain your handicap

In the following order...

  1. Get permission from the Golf Pro to play on the golf course.

  2. Turn in five (5) 9-holes scores with 14 Stableford points or more and of which at least one, is played alongside a "Designated Marker".

  3. Once 2. has been completed, the Member will receive a “Provisional Handicap” or “P” handicap.

  4. Once the member has received his/her “Provisional Handicap”, he/she now has to hand in five (5) 18-hole scores, no matter what the score is, to receive his/her established USGA handicap.

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Designated markers:

Darryl Rosheuvel

Chris Quast

Mieke Korevaar

Leo Laclé

Myra Vesseur

Inez Muys