Non Handicappers

How to obtain your CG&SC Golf Handicap

Come and join  us on Thursday

On Thursday morning Non Handicappers can begin to practice their golfgame. 

There is a match every week with prizes to be won. 

And they can help you with your handicap  and explain the golf rules to you.

How to obtain your golfhandicap:I.     

 Members who are new to the game of golf have to [in the following order]:

1. Get permission from the Golf Pro to play on the golf course;

2. * Turn in five (5) 9-holes scores with 14 Stableford points or more * ( signed by a handicapplayer) and of which at least one, is played alongside a Designated Marker.

3.** Once 2. has been completed, the Member will receive a “Provisional Handicap” or “P” handicap.

4. Once the member has received his/her “Provisional Handicap”, he/she now has to hand in five (5) 18-hole scores, no matter what the score is, to receive his/her established USGA handicap.

      * How to get your handicap cards 

    • *play a round  with an established handicapper to obtain 4 x 9 holes cards with 14 Stableford points, can be anyone, your husband , your friend (as long as he/ she has a handicap)and he or she needs to sign your card.

    • * you play one round of golf with a designated marker of the club 

    • ​**then hand in all 5 cards to the administration and we will add you to our golfapp and then you can start entering your  9/18 holes golf rounds and obtain an established WHS handicap 

    • WHS is the World Wide Handicap that we already use and The Netherlands will start with it as of 1/1/2021

    Designated markers are:

    Mieke Korevaar

    Darryl Rosheuvel

    Leo Lacle

    Myra Vesseur

    Chris Quast 

    Inez Muys