Month of September

The greenskeepers and caddies

In the old days the greenkeepers would make sure that during matches the greens who were brownies at that time 

were swiped with a special netted tool to flatten the footsteps made in the soft oily brownie greens. 

In the morning members would do it themselves with a special wooden rake kind of tool to flatten the surface of the greens.

Some of the greenskeepers would caddy during the afternoon competition matches.

August ​

We continue our journey into the past with one of the Pro Am Tournaments. This one was held at the end of the sixties to be precise in 1968 or 1969

In the pictures you will see Peter Hahn at that time the head pro of the Country Club of Miami.

During these tournament the visiting pros would show their tricks as you can see in these pictures. Nowadays the visiting pro's to Pro Am Tournaments on the island do the same.

If you want to learn more about the  Country Club of Miami


-​View from Tee Box Hole 2 toward Asfaltmeer 

-View from Hole 3 Men/Hole 12 Ladies. In this picture this tee box was used as Hole 12 Men. 

In front of the tee box you see another Teebox which  was later on removed.In the old days that tee box was Hole number 3 Men.To the right you see the Ladies 12 tee box.

-View from now Hole 11 Ladies with then no cacti in front yet but with a palm tree in the middle of  the fairway who later was removed. On the right side another palm tree that has also been removed.No concrete path on the right yet. And the t box looks much wider then it is now, the mat was wider then it is now.  If you look in front of the tee box you will see another tee box on a lower level. This Tee box does not exist anymore. There was a new tee box made behind the present Teebox 11.


In 2021 the Curacao Golf & Squash Club will be celebrating its 90th birthday.

In the coming months we will upload some pictures from the good old days till the present days to show you how it was then and  where we are today.

1. The club was founded in 1931. It was then called the Shell Golfclub as you can see in the first picture.

The first  picture shows that Children and Dogs were not allowed on the course.

2. Inside the Clubhouse. There still was a wall between the clubhouse and hole 9/18

3.Side look from Hole 1 towards the old Clubhouse

4. Front view of the Club with the club flag 

more to come soon .........