Member of the Month

Memeber of the Month October

Renee Starrenburg

It all began when I lived in England for a year as a child. There, I became fascinated by the beautiful green bowling greens they use for bowling in England. That was the moment when my love for greens started. About 25 years ago, a friend invited me to join her for a game of golf, and that was the beginning of a wonderful golf journey.

I have been a member of our golf club for approximately 7 years now, and what I love about this club is the camaraderie. After rounds, there are always drinks, and it’s a bit different from what I was used to in the Netherlands. The social aspect of the club is truly fantastic.

What do I do for the club? Well, I organize competitions and also assist in organizing tournaments on the island. It’s fantastic to combine my passion for golf with organizing fun activities for our members. It’s really a perfect match!

And when I’m at the golf club’s bar, my go-to drink is a refreshing 0.0 Heineken. And if I’m a bit hungry, I like to order a delicious cheese and tomato toastie. That’s the perfect reward for me after a day of golfing.

Most beautiful golf moment? rounds in flow, they are unfortunately rare.

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