The Curacao Golf & Squash Club offers various types of membership for golf, or just socializing.

​​ Company Sponsorship

Granted solely to Curaçao registered  companies. Companies can nominate between one (1) and four (4) persons as their representatives. Companies  and their representatives are entitled to the following privileges:

  • Display of their company name on the wall in the Clubhouse;

  • Use of the Clubhouse and facilities for company events at a special price;

  • Free use of the golf facilities for their company representatives;

  • All sponsors are entitled to register a team for the yearly Company  Members Competition;

Business Relations (Non-Residents)               

  • Free use of the golf facilities for business relations NOT RESIDING  in Curaçao (no green fees will be charged), only when accompanied by one of the company representatives.

  • When  not  accompanied   by a  company  representative, a certificate  needs  to  be  presented  at  the administration office prior to play. Per annum, the following number of certificates will be issued per sponsorship  type:

            o          Bronze:       4 certificates

            o          Silver:         8 certificates

            o          Gold:         12 certificates

            o          Platinum:  16 certificates


Business Relations (Residents)

  • Same  conditions  apply  as above  with  the  exception  that  use  of the  golf  is restricted to a maximum of 5 times per calendar year.

When introducing  a Business Relation to use the facilities, this must be done so in writing in advance to the administration  office (

Introduction Membership(2 months) 

Granted to persons who want to learn to play golf and/or are a non handicapper who want to work on getting their handicap. You apply for this membership by first getting "baanpermissie"from our pro. Then you fill in the application form Introduction Membership(see below) and hand it in to the administration.The board will approve this application and will fill in the starting and ending date of the membership. The administration will send you a confirmation of approval. 

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership: granted to persons of 18 years and older. Every first member  of a family will be called  an "Ordinary  member"  and  every  second  a "Senior  family  member",  or "Junior  family  member" depending their age, unless one of the other types of membership is effective.  Wife or husbands of Company members can apply for Senior Family Member. You apply for Ordinary member  by filling in the application form Individualmembership(see below)

Senior Family Membership

Please refer to bullet number 2.

Junior Membership

Granted by the board to children 17 years and younger.

  • Children of members are granted a free membership. Independent Junior Members (children of non­-

    members) do pay a monthly fee for Golf, Squash or both.

    Golf for Juniors can be arranged separately with the Golf I Squash Professional.  Golf Juniors who have a registered playing handicap  and permission  of the Golf Professional are allowed to play without supervision on Mondays and Sundays and are allowed to participate in official matches. All  other  Golf  Juniors  are  allowed  to  play only  when  accompanied by an  adult  member  with  a registered playing handicap. 

  • Children  and grandchildren of Golf members  are allowed to use the golf facilities. Children of Company members are allowed to use the golf facilities.

Student  Membership

Granted to university students,  etc. who have reached  the age of 18, but have not reached the age of 27.

Temporary Membership 
Granted at the discretion of the Board to those who, from abroad, do not expect on the moment of application to stay longer than one year in Curaçao. Minimum period is one month.

Absentee Membership   

Granted by the Board upon application by existing members who will be absent from the Island for a period of at least three (3) months in a row.

Honorary Membership 

Granted to those who, in the opinion of the Annual General Meeting, have rendered valuable services to the Club.
Society Membership 

Granted by the Board to partners of members, former members, partners of Sponsor representatives or employees of the Sponsor who are not a member and do not have the intention to play but want to make use of the Clubhouse. They do not have a voting right.

Independent Membership Handicap System

Granted to non- members who want to keep their handicap up to date. For an annually fee you will be added to our golfsoftware app. Applying by sending an email to

Applications Forms

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Click here to download Company Sponsorship application form

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