Month: January 2024

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Member of the Month January

Mieke Korevaar  

My golfing journey began in December 1983 when, after just three lessons, my former pro gave me the green light to step onto the course. In my very first match against a low handicapper, I played exceptionally well and received a shower of compliments. It marked the start of my deep affection for the game. 

Fast forward to becoming a club champion not once, but twice, stands as a testament to the dedication and progress I’ve poured into this beautiful sport. 

One of my most cherished golfing memories happened in Costa Rica, where Old Quarry stole my heart. The tranquility of the course, coupled with encounters with wildlife in Zimbabwe, created memories that stay with every swing. 

Then came the magical Hole 8, where I achieved every golfer’s dream – a hole-in-one. A moment frozen in time, forever linked to the heartbeat of the course. 

When it comes to playing partners, I lean towards those who appreciate the quiet and keep the game flowing. The blend of tranquility and efficiency enhances the joy of each round. 

For beginners venturing into the world of golf, my advice is simple: cultivate inner peace on the course. More than a sport, golf is a journey towards joy, improvement, and shared moments. So, swing easy, find your rhythm, and savor the tranquility. May your golfing journey be as rewarding as mine. Here’s to the pursuit of inner calm on the greens! Cheers to the golfing journey! 

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