Month: March 2024

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Ria Lendering

In the year 2000, Ria discovered the joy of golf. Retirement marked the beginning of a new chapter. When asked when she started golfing, she replied “too late,” because she finds the sport so enjoyable. She would love to hit a hole-in-one one day; that would be amazing.

Twice a week, she takes to the course with her partner, enjoying their shared passion. Additionally, she loves participating in the ladies’ afternoon on Tuesdays. While she once tackled the full 18 holes with enthusiasm, age has led her to a more relaxed pace, now content with a satisfying round of 9.

Her secret to golfing success? Practice, practice, practice. As a tip to beginners, she suggests spending hours at the driving range.

Golf isn’t her only passion. Beyond the golf course, she finds much joy in the depths of the ocean. With an impressive 952 dives to her name, she has experienced many beautiful dives, including the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. In Curacao, she enjoys snorkeling with her partner to observe the fishes.

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